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I am a girl who never quite measured up. Dropped into ministry over a decade ago because I married a pastor, I stuck out, unaware of the rules and expectations, and consequently felt isolated by the attention. I was judged and began to internalize the judgment, believing the lie that I was ‘damaged goods.’ Before long I failed as a wife and nearly lost everything. By God’s grace, I found the confidence to believe I was lovable again, regardless of my past, and God helped me to stand again and fight my way back.

‘Ravishing’ was birthed in my journey out of shame’s cage, and in the discovery of a wild, unearned, but hard-won grace. Using raw honesty intertwined with humor, it’s a down-to-earth, gritty story that includes insights about the struggles many women experience in church and Christian service. From my past sexual abuse, to a marriage breakdown, and trying to parent an intellectually disabled son – basically how I found myself trapped in the ‘fish bowl’ of ministry – it was the struggle with what ended up showing me the ravishing love of God.

This is my story of that journey and what I’ve learned along the way, which I now believe is the only thing that can make God’s women truly ‘Ravishing.’


What Others Are Saying

Hannah’s book, 'Ravishing,' is a candid, open look into a life’s journey to acceptance. Harm inflicted on us as children leaves us confused to what real truth is. It is my prayer for you that as you find yourself within these pages, you would lean in to an amazingly caring Father God and let Him wash you clean from guilt, shame, denial, self -hatred and any other wounds that have followed you. He has a plan for your life. Don’t let these lies keep you from flourishing one more day. Embrace the truth of Jesus. He really is able to set you free.- Dawna De Silva Founder and Co leader of Bethel Sozo International
Ravishing is so much more than just a book; it’s a journey in which Hannah Bryant takes you by the hand and bravely invites you into the torn places of her life. Her honesty is achingly raw and real as she wrestles through shame, disappointment and deep darkness – the very places that have brought her to the feet of her Heavenly Father time and time again. The place where He has bloomed beauty in the process of her mending. And where she encourages us all to fall, so that we may rise and flourish and become the best version of who He has called us to be. I am cheering and clapping and loving this book and the beautiful woman who has birthed her soul in these pages. Be blessed by her story. - Clarissa Leong
The words that represent these chapters to me are vulnerable, reflective and challenging. Hannah shares openly parts of her story in a way that opens the door to a more intimate understanding of how God longs to meet us in our darkest moments, always honouring our obedience. Her words are reflective as she shares her experiences and shows how God was at work. A reflection of His love and care shines through the pages and her relationship with AB. I am challenged by Hannah's book to be more vulnerable and give God the opportunity to reflect his love through me. - Joanna Cross-Pastors wife
After a few short paragraphs, I was captured, hook, line and sinker. Hannah truly opens up her soul and invites you into her life, speaking honest and raw words. Her eloquent writing draws you in and allows you to feel her powerful emotions, as she takes you through some of the deepest moments of her life, on her journey as the Pastor's Wife. - Kelli Sullivan
I loved this book as it touched my heart in places that I forgot existed, the heart of a little girl. The story is of a pastor's wife but the journey of faith, healing and triumph is an inspiration for all. The pastor's wife shares how God patiently, relentlessly pursued her as His plan was for her to flourish. She reminds us that God has a plan for us too, to flourish.- Shelly Barber
For as long as I can remember, words were always important to me. We learn through words, we heal through words and we love through words. Hannah offers us her words so that we can do all of these things and more. Through Hannah’s openness, we learn what she endured at a young age and the impact that it had on her life. The brokenness that caused her to feel ‘less than’ deep down inside her soul. We also learn how God healed that brokenness and showed her how to love herself. Hannah shows is the magnificent power of God’s love and how allowing that love to penetrate our lives, we too can see how we are ‘His prized treasure.'- Judy Labonte
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About the Author

Hannah Bryant

Hannah’s heart is to connect with women of all ages and demographics in a way that is authentic,simple, and relatable. Hannah’s desire is to ignite an understanding, so women live with value and a knowing, that God is unconditional love and has great purpose and intention for all His daughters- regardless of their mistakes and stories.

Hannah is not afraid of tackling some of the harder issues surrounding womanhood, marriage, parenting and being a Christ follower, as she feels vulnerability, armed with scripture, means you can’t go wrong!

Hannah and her husband have three children, one son who is Intellectually Disabled and have been in ministry since 2001 and love it. “I never felt I quite fitted the ‘traditional’ mould as a Pastors wife, Hannah said, “As I didn’t grow up in the church-I can giggle at my mistakes now and use them with humor to add to my stories. The years of being in ministry have taught me a lot about myself, but I understand at the core- its Christ who brings personal transformation and freedom.”

Hannah has a passion for teaching and has spoken at conferences or events within Australia, Canada and the U.S.

Hannah is currently found on the Australian Christian Channel and will also be joining one of the largest Christian Television networks within the U.S in the very near future. Hannah has worked in Television as a Presenter/Producer/Script Writer, a Radio Announcer on 103.2 FM in Sydney, Australia and has written for numerous Christian women magazines both in Australia and North America.

Hannah is a fully qualified Welfare Worker which assists her approach to ministry and understanding human behaviour.

Have Hannah speak at your next event. Hannah has experience and a deep passion for teaching within Australia and internationally at churches/conferences /events.

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